3 hour journeys and freezing wind but totally worth it...

When Jill & Chris got in touch about their wedding at Crear my answer was an instant yes. Located near Tarbet on the West Coast of Scotland, it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere but a special venue with views to die for which is just as well as it's a 3 hour drive from Motherwell.

We stopped at the beach to get some footage and photos before driving up to the venue and were welcomed with some coffee and the offer of breakfast which was a good start to the day. The venue is a blank canvas and the couple with the help of family and friends transformed the venue into something spectacular. Most couples don;t like to see each other the morning of the wedding but Jill & Chris didn't let this bother them and therefore prep was a relaxed and happy affair.

Another thing I always encourage is a first look and these guys were more than happy to accommodate, Check the photos below for Chris' reaction!

The ceremony was simple and humorous and afterwards we took the couples rented VW Camper down to the beach for the couple shoot. Freezing doesn't come close to just how cold it was with the wind making things that little bit worse but both were prepared with warmer clothing and oh my god did they rock the shoot. I don't usually spend quite as long with couples as I hate taking them away from their guests but when you have such awesome views you need to take advantage.

Speeches were unusual in that both mums were involved and then the couple also got up for theirs.

The evening part... Well,having an Irish (Jill) wedding on St Patrick's day I knew it was going to be a messy affair and it didn't disappoint. The band were amazing and I don't think I've saw a dance floor as busy in quite some time. Throw in some glitter face paint, a tonne of alcohol and some awesome tunes and the party was swinging as we made our way home, knackered but over the moon.

Thanks again guys and here's some of my personal favourites from the day...