Beautiful St Andrews, a seagull and sneaking onto the Old Course...

I do a handful of elopements a year. Unlike regular weddings, they generally consist of the ceremony only followed by time for a couple shoot and groups depending on who's present. Tracy and Iain decided to elope to St Andrews last month with two children and Iains parents in attendance, my second smallest wedding to date. Having stayed in Dundee at my brothers I was nearby and made it along exactly at the same time as the couple for the 2pm ceremony which was a simple one with a celebrant.

Afterwards we decided to tale walk around St Andrews due to having no fixed time to be elsewhere. This is something as a photographer I absolutely love as you often find great spots for photos that you may not have done if you had fixed locations in mind. We decided that doing the group shots besides the ruins and with the sea as a backdrop (not to mention some seagulls) would be perfect and as can be seen below, one almost looks like it flew into Traceys head.

With the group shots finished quickly the three of us again wandered around, finding some beautiful buildings and lanes to use as backdrops with the intention of making our way down to the beach. I love being near the sea, it always makes me fell like home for some reason so I usually insist on visiting it if there's one nearby. The beach was packed but the couple totally rocked their shoot and smiled and laughed throughout. I won't tell you the reason for the smiles as it's a trade secret and a part of the fun we had on the day.

Now I'm very much a believer of asking for forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to locations and telling Iain this, he decided to test me by asking if we could finish the day with a few photos on THAT bridge. I'm not a golf fan but even I recognise the bridge on the course so happily jumped at the chance. We waited for a break in play and rushed onto the green to grab a few photos before we were chased off and it was totally worth it. Any golfing fan would love a photo standing there as it's such an iconic shot but Iain went one better, posing on the bridge with his new wife on his wedding day.

Photoshoot done I bid the couple farewell and made my way back to Dundee for a few beers.

Here's some of my favourites photos from the day, thanks for having me along guys.