Four days in Lisbon

I don't do very many destination weddings but when Stephanie & David asked me to fly to Lisbon for their intimate wedding I jumped at the chance.

I was expecting beautiful weather and harsh light but the weather in Glasgow was actually way better then on the continent although the clouds ensured I had soft light which I'm more than used to working with.

As there was only a small number of guests we decided that the couple shoot would take place a few days after the wedding so that they could spend time with their guests. It also meant there was less pressure and we could explore as much as Lisbon for the shoot.

The day of the wedding was relaxed and easy with some decent views of the sea. Getting to the venue was a touch trickier but we found it eventually and the views of Lisbon were breathtaking. The wind picked up a bit and combined with the ceremony being in Portuguese (although also translated) I didn't really know what was happening so just captured as much as I could.

Having spent some time in South East Asia I have been on tuk-tuks a decent amount of times. As a surprise, Stephanie & David had booked a tour of Lisbon for their guests in some so I also got to jump in and view the city whilst I photographed the events.

We had arranged to complete the couple shoot two days after the wedding so I arrived at the hotel for the prep and then we went exploring. Lisbon is built on so many hills and having not visited it before we decided to part wing it and part head to certain areas. The architecture and colours are beautiful and remind me a lot of my favourite director, Wes Anderson which was a delight to see and photograph and I hope you see some of his influence in not only these photos but across all of my photographs.

Overall, I had an amazing time in Lisbon with a super friendly couple and their families who were really welcoming and I'd be happy to go back so thanks again guys.

Look out for the Glasgow reception in a blog post coming soon.

Here's a selection of my favourite photos from across the few days.