Military elements, a ceilidh and a dog...

Robyn and Neil were married in Robyn's home country of America during the Summer but decided to have a large wedding party in Biggar a few months later and this is the part I had the pleasure to photograph.

Bridal prep was super chilled as it was only Robyn and her bridesmaid for a while but it didn't last too long as the American contingent soon made their way and what was relaxed became a singalong to some musicals.

Neil had a few issues with his bowtie, turns out it's not as easy as it looks to tie one but with the help of some of the staff we sorted it out and then I got to photograph the first look, something I don't usually do but would love to do more of.

The ceremony was undertaken by a friend and passed quickly without issue then it was off out exploring for the couple shoot. Strolling through graveyards on your wedding day may sound strange for some but Robyn's love for Gothic literature meant they were more than happy to. We also came across a super cute dog so the shoot had to stop for everyone to have a clap and then we made our way to the stream that runs through Biggar for the final part of the couple shoot. This is where I also ended up wading in to get a few photos as I have a love for symmetry and it was the only way to get the shot I wanted.

Speeches were downright hilarious from all involved and it was great to see not only a joint couple speech but a speech from the bridesmaid and another couple too.

We then moved onto one of my favourite parts of the day, the dancing, but before we did there was a passing of the sword ceremony in order to cut the cake and then the tradition of smashing the glass as is Jewish tradition. Ceilidhs are always a joy to photograph and this one was no exception with everyone getting involved no matter how much they knew! I had to leave a bit earlier than usual as I was off to India for a holiday but would have happily stayed for the rest of the evening otherwise.

Thanks for having me guys and here's a selection of my favourite photos.