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Alternative wedding photographer based in Fife, Scotland.

No you don't have to be tattooed, pierced or wear weird clothing. Alternative wedding photography is basically a non traditional approach to photographing a wedding. Minimal posing and no cheese or fads that will look dated in years to come. Looking for the little moments, the glances and touches that happen and trying to find the best of light is what makes me happy. It's all about you, the way it should be and no matter who you are I never discriminate, also the way it should be.

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photography mixed with some couple photographs

I like to focus on your day as it happens and document what goes on. There's no need to spend hours away from your guests, two quick photoshoots usually suffice and a few group shots to keep the parentals happy. The rest of your day is captured as it unfolds, if someone falls over, my first instinct is to photograph it before offering a hand, same goes with the smiles and crazy dance floor action.

Documentary wedding photography isn't boring, it's a true reflection of your wedding day with minimal posing and forced smiles instead focusing on what's actually important, you, your friends and all the little details that make your day unique. 

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It's Scotland, it rains. A lot. What it shouldn't do is stop you from venturing outside for your photos regardless of the weather like each and every one of the photos you see on this page. Yes, you may get wet but trust me when I say it's always worth it and what else are you going to do? Stay inside? Bring a spare change of shoes (converse, vans, docs and wellies all feature a lot for my couples) bring a jacket or an umbrella and let's go explore.


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Further afield?

I'm usually found photographing weddings across Scotland, predominantly the Central belt with both Glasgow and Edinburgh featuring highly. I've also photographed weddings in Ayrshire, the Highlands, St Andrews, the borders and Orkney so I'm more than happy to travel anywhere in Scotland for your wedding. 

Getting married in England? I'd love to shoot some more South of the border and experience something a little different, especially London and anywhere near any of the national parks.

Passport required? Sure, sign me up! I've been lucky enough to travel to Greece, Portugal and the United States for weddings so get in touch, there's a whole lot of the world I've yet to see...

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