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This feels like a dating profile but here goes...
My name is Dave and I'm a Scottish wedding photographer. 
I have an incredibly beautiful and supportive wife who helps me out behind the scenes, fills me with inspiration and gives me an occasional slap when needed. 
I love coffee, preferably black and strong.
I'm pretty covered in tattoos and aim to get a whole lot more.
I'm partial to a beer (ipa or tennents please) but I do enjoy a nice red wine, gin (hipster I know) or a cheeky vodka energy drink.
Penguins are my favourite animal.
My kids Lola and Lewis are my life, they're both 9 but going on 13, crazy, a bundle of energy and I wouldn't have it any other way.
​I  hate getting my photo taken, most photographers are the same mind you.​ 
Pizza is a god food.
I love my technology and I'm always trying out new cameras and kit to see what works for me.
I love to travel and have been all over Scotland this year for weddings.
Meeting new people is one of my favourite things to do and I generally get on with most!
 I specialise in creative photography, photos that are fun, a wee bit weird but also depict your day as it happens.
No cheese, no awkward poses and most definitely no dutch tilt (google it!)

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